Lunch Box/Dinner Case/Dinner Box Machine 1

it can production below Lunch Box/Dinner Case/Dinner Box:


Lunch Box/Dinner Case/Dinner Box machine


Lunch Box/Dinner Case/Dinner Box machine


Lunch Box/Dinner Case/Dinner Box machine


Equipment advantages:
1, the pass rate, rarely produce waste.
2, production stability, consistency and good equipment.
3, simple, one-button production.
4, the microcomputer count, clear and intuitive understanding of quantity production.
5, single-tube single-control, precise temperature control and low power consumption.
6, closed mechanical structure, to ensure safe and clean and the operator of the product.
7, professional design team, can design a variety of styles of products.
8, the device uses advanced noise reduction technology, the production of noise.
9, the composite molding technology, lunch boxes forming a fee twice without success.
10, to produce the product beautiful and clean, strong stiffness.

1, stick with three layers of paper chine technology, in line with the national technical

requirements for disposable cardboard lunch boxes, never leak soup.
2, lunch boxes simultaneously molding machine double cylinder, pressurized cylinder

forming tray machine, to ensure that the shape of the stiffness requirements of the product.
3, auto box function, without the complexity of the operating system, a simple compact

mechanical structure, making meal production is completed automatically according to

the number of stacked neatly, by adjusting the microcomputer counter, but also to achieve

a predetermined number of automatic launch, efficient and convenient, greatly reduce

production personnel labor intensity.
4, high level of security, self-locking joint observation window, double photoelectric molding

system, fully enclosed protective shell and transparent viewport and other security measures,

downtime, emergency manual shutdown.
5, user-friendly design, observed under the premise that security is guaranteed more intuitive,

more convenient maintenance.
6, the choice of the PLC operating system, easier to operate, lower failure rate, higher stability.

Date: December 12, 2015